Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bigger and Better

 This weekend past I also started working on my new display board. It will be two level and have steps on either side Drawing it all up is the easy part but transferring and increasing it is tough. I usually go from drawing to paper to make a template to cut out.
 I measured and laid out the main floor section of the display board and now that I have it cut out I'll be bale to size the top section and figure out the step placement. That is going to be the hardest part to figure out. Making it will be easy but it also has to look cool 8)
After it's all done and on the wood I'll also be cutting patterns out so light can shine through. Last year I went with EL Wire but it really wasn't bright enough. This yeah I have an idea to boost the brightness and will mainly be using LED lights.
 The rough drawing
I was pretty happy with last years build but this year I really want to amp it up. I'm also in debate about using a cart to tote my stuff around. On one hand I think a cart is way overboard but then I also remember how much of a pain it was to carry everything around haha..I was looking for carts but nothing really sold me and then I thought.. if I bring a cart I should just build it myself 8) ,.. again.. way overboard.

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