Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sharpened Talons

 I'd been "working" on the Stormraven since I got it years ago haha.. by working I mean playing around with how I wanted it painted. I changed it numerous times and after wrapping up the Wraithknight I looked up and figured damn I need to get that done.
 So I started messing around with the color again. I also figured I'd paint the canopy to give that a shot and see how it comes about. So far just light blue, but I plan to do a blue fade on it and see how that looks. I'm also going to make up a template and spray an image on the side.
 I darkened it back up first then went over all the edges with the white. Then went back with two different reds to give it the fade I wanted. Right now it's looking pretty decent and I'm happy with the look so I'm going to start to move on.

 I did finish up the turret, the melta's and the canopy cover. I figured I'd at least just get them done so they are ready. Once I get the design on the side it should start moving along pretty quickly.

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