Thursday, April 3, 2014

I walk the line..

Between the living and the dead 8) .. Got some more work done on the big guy.. It was more detail work on some of the bits that I've been wanting to get finished up.
I repainted the crotch guard that was bugging the hell out of me.. I sanded it all down and blended it again then added a bone strip on the bottom followed by painted the craftworld symbol on there. I made it much bigger.. bigger then I originally thought I was going to but it ended up looking good so I went with it 8) I need to get some more lights for pictures .. most of the time they are too dark 8( ..
I also painted the hands which have been bugging me, having the all black nubs at the end of the arms was busted looking haha..  I also added a bit of glow onto the hand from the shield to keep it uniform with the arm.
All the guards are glued on now so most of his bits are actually on him for good now. I think the leg guards are matching better with the rest of the bone pieces on him. I will be added some more purple and blue gems around to make them all matchy matchy.
I also finished up the blade on his sword arm giving it the same blue to white fade. He is moving closer to the finish line. Just a few more bits to wrap up, then the detail work,.. I still have plenty of gems to paint and then it will be to touch up the base.

Overall I'd have to say I'm really liking him.. I tried a bunch of different techniques on him and a lot of them paid off! 8)

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