Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Who's crazy? I'm crazy..

Finished up three other Cultists.. I wanted them to be complete for Dark Heresy on Sat night but sadly some people couldn't make it so we ended up canceling.

I wanted them to be decent and in some areas I actually got more detailed then I was actually planning. But a little extra detail isn't bad right? This guys is a pretty cool looking model so wanted him to look cool. Over all not too bad for a quick one.

Next is a the crazy looking dude, I think his face came out look good and there is some decent detail. Again they could be more detailed but I wasn't going to go too far. Thankfully the cultists are pretty easy to paint. I still have a bunch more to get done but it's not that important so they will be here and there.

I thought I was done this guy but after looking at the pictures I realized I forgot to finish blending the front of his arms haha.. I'll have to blend them out real quick but after that he'll be good. Did a little green detail on his lens, ..
Over all was cool to paint something a little different..

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