Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I crush stars and foes alike..

Done and done .. for now at least. I will still need finish his guns and arms for the guns but for now I need a bit of a break and I've been working on this guy for months.
I added a lot more necron debre to the base, shaving off little bits to represent shrapnel and other parts that have been blown off. I add add in some more weather powder as well to mix up the color a little bit. I also worked on the cron blood, it need to have a bit more variation so I added some in.

I actually finished him the other night and took some video of adding the magnets to his head and neck so make a Tut Video for magnets but editing video is more of a pain then I thought and I'm still sick.. this stomach bug will NOT go away and it's killing me. But I haven't had the time to mess with the video enough to post it up.
I'll get the arms and guns done soon but it's nice to have him mostly finished up. And as soon the Magnet video is done I'll post it up for a Tut on how I apply mine .. I have a lot of people ask me how to use magnets and although I have broken down how to with words and pictures I figured a video might be cool. I also said I wanted to start adding more How To's ... I got the Video Camera out for Easter and with it sitting here got me thinking .. hopefully once I get the editing part down I'll be able to post up a few more quickly.. 8)

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