Friday, April 11, 2014

The dust of a thousand worlds...

 Updated the Dusk Wolf Contemptor last night, I've been updating them so they are all matching after my last update to the army look. I went over him with the wash and added a free hand symbol on his left shoulder.. Man was that a pain and then I covered it mostly up with muck haha... well a good thing in one way as I would probably still be there painting it. Painting a free hand circle with the spikes was tough not to mention adding the wolf head over it. I kept on messing up the ears and making him look like a crazy rabbit. The ears should go more out then up.. just a hint in case you are painting wolf heads.. you know you want to 8)
 I think the wash really added a lot to him and gave him more of the war torn look I wanted.
 It really adds a lot of depth to the model and makes it feel more heavy and real to me.. at least..

I still have some cleaning and I'll be adding some snow to the base but he's almost ready to be put back into the cabinet. Thankfully he was pretty quick since being completed already.. well at least until I thought to update him haha.. It added a lot and was worth the added attention and time.. 8) I have to finish up the battle boards this weekend (hopefully tonight) and get a lot of stuff ready for the beginning of the Escalation League I'm running for the LGS plus running a Dark Heresy game tomorrow night... a lot going on fo sho..

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