Monday, April 7, 2014

Fist Full of Steel,.

Lately seeing some of my internet friends posting some pictures of Blood Angels has put me in the mood to paint up one of the boys. I had originally built this guy to be a Dusk Wolf but as he was coming along he had more of a Blood Angel feel to me so I added the wing and primed and based him red. He's coming along and I do need to do a bunch more on him but feels good to paint up one of the boys in Red. It's been awhile really..

The GS shoulder cloak I made up is coming along but not sure if I want to keep it that color. I was going to go with a NMM gold looking ... well not as hard lined to make it look like metal but more just like gold cloth. I'll keep working on it and we'll see where it ends up. Might be a completely different color when finished though haha.. And I'll probably snap off the backpack and magnetize it so he can rock it or a JP.
I think he's looking pretty cool so far..

I really need to finish up some of my Blood Angels.. I have a bunch in 50% finished status.. it's crazy much much stuff you amass but how little time you have to address it all haha..  I also have progressed in my painting since starting them so some don't match the new paint scheme and that just makes me want to update them as well. I truly need to learn to focus my energies instead of being all over the place 8) .. I have so much stuff on the table yet I'm ever thinking about what's going to be the next thing I'm going to start up... I have a problem.

Some progression pics ..

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