Thursday, April 10, 2014

Big Boots Coming Through..

I worked on the Wraithknight a bit more last night and was really hoping to get the gems 100% complete but sadly I ran out of time and energy haha .. And painting the gems can really be time consuming, I wanted to paint some of the larger gems with the airbrush to give them a very clean fade but that meant a lot more time added to the process.

I had to putty/mask the gems and it does take a little time to apply the putty and make it as smooth as possible. When I'm using the putty I will typically apply it in a couple of pieces and I will usually leave space to what I want to mask. Then using my fingers or seem scraper I'll start to push the putty in toward in this case the gems. Trying to apply the putty and shape it before it's attached can sometimes be a pain, it sticks but not a ton so it will pop off if pressed too hard. Applying it and then working the putty will help with the bond and allow you to mold it to the shape you need. Try to keep the lines as crisp as you can, it doesn't take much to make a wonky edge. Very rarely will it be perfect but you can always limit the amount of touch up you'll need to do.
I added a mix of blue and purple spirit stones to him, I also changed the sword stone to purple as the red wasn't sitting right. I wanted to stones to tie certain areas together or if I thought an area could use a little more detail I'd add it in. I didn't want to go overboard with them though,. that always throws me off. To me it has to be the right balance of stones used.. not too minimal but not overloaded with bling..

I added in the last stabilizer on his back and added some metallic black to some of the joint areas. He's very very close now.. just a lot of edge clean up, finish the stones and the final base details. Though there are a few things I'm debating on adding, nothing huge but just a few small bits to punch it up a little more..  don't know though haha..

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