Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Difference from Knowing the Path..

Some more work on the 1K Son Librarian. He's coming along nicely but the details are taking awhile and using the NMM gold takes a lot longer then just blending it with metallics. But it does give a much cleaner look to the model and it actually ties it all together a little more. So . I think he's looking pretty cool. The color scheme is gel'n .. I added the blue vial to his belt and I like that it pops out so much.. Adds that little bit more detail to grab you eye 8)..
 I still need to work on some of the details of the golds and bits here and there but his main body is very close to being done.
 The robes are also close, I think I'm going to smooth out a few more places on it then call them complete. The gold work on the hem also needs to be done.
I was still playing with the ideas for the polearms blade. I tried a few other ideas but they really didn't come out looking good enough. So right now I'm going with this.. I started off by blending the blade with a purple then went back and outlined some of the blade and gave it the cross hatch pattern. I then went back and sprayed the Violet Madder and Deep Violet over the blade again. It's harder to see in the pictures but the cross hatching is very muted and gives it some dept but doesn't yell out. I will probably stick with this look unless I can think up something cooler..

His overall look.. the arm is just Blu Tacked on for now..

I still need to get the rest of the polearm/staff done, his BP and left shoulder pad.. but overall I think he's coming along ....

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