Thursday, April 17, 2014

Back on itself..

 A little more work on the Loyal 1K Son / DW Librarian, I got him together and the GS is fully cured. I primed him and then started working on the robes a bit. I figured they would be a lighter color as they were from a desert climate and light colored linens are the way to go in the sun and heat. The armor will be a dark red/maroon with highlights of golds, I'm not sure if I should stick with the metallics since he will be with the Dusk Wolves or if I should go NMM. Both have their merits so I guess it will just come down to what  I think will look the best.
 I'm also need to come to a conclusion on color for the halberd/staff, I want it to stand out and looks a little different then normal.
 I was also playing around with some Green Stuff to apply to the staff but don't want it to look excessive. So that will be something else I'll be playing with a bit..
I want to get a few sections done so I can attach the arm and staff but I also don't want to rush it.
 I also wasn't sold on this Razorback thinking it was a little too dark so I added some highlights. I also started on the HB Turret for it and would like to have it at least decent looking by Saturday.

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