Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Forbidden Lore..

So.. I was originally going to use no Psykers for the Dusk Wolf force I'm building but after talking to a few people I got it into my mind to make up an Ex 1K Son Librarian. I wanted it to be a Loyal 1K son that stayed true to the Emperor and was looking for redemption. For the Escalation League I made up a force and with the points starting so small I need something cheap as an HQ so figured now would be a good time to make one up. Though now I'm looking at what I want him to look like and that means a bunch of bits I'm going to go with..
I started with the Dark Angel Librarian body, I've been picking up bits to make a conversion with him to count as Mephiston. I bought three of the DA Lib off Ebay so I figured I could spare one. I sanded off the DA symbols and started to green stuff up some scarabs. I figured he would want to remove the 1K symbols and instead use the scarab motif. So he'll get one on his leg, shoulder pad, arm thing and chest piece. They have been solidifying and hopefully will be done by tonight..
But I also have to see how it looks when dry.. if not I'll redo.. I sculpt some but I'm not the crazy sculptor haha
The last bit is from a Dark Angel's arm, I chopped the mace head off and will be using the blade from a GK halberd and the back will be the staffs head.
I think I have all the bits I need and once the GS is hard I'll start to assemble. I don't think I'll have all the painting done by Saturday but he should be together and ready at least 8)

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