Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Always keep your guard up..

I worked on the Wraithknight's guards last night.. should, leg and crotchal region. I'm really liking the way the shoulder guards came out and I think they were the most successful.
The legs guards look good too but I'm still not 100% sold on the colors as I think the purple colors might have worked better. I'm not sure. I don't want to OP (Over Purple) the guy and I think the extra blue does help tie it together but still debating with myself over it. Sitting here now looking and thinking about it I might just paint the stone on the side guard as a purple stone and that might solve it .. 8)
 All the Prep Work..

I started off by trying to mask them but some ares were just too much of a pain (shoulders I'm looking at you!) so I used putty. That worked out pretty well after I outlined the faded area which I was planning on doing anyway so I wasn't too worried about it. The front crotch guard is the one I like the least.. I'm actually kind of really hating it so I see that getting redone at this point .. I don't think it goes together with the rest of the model's look. I might do something like I started on with the butt guard.
Purple with a little white/bone fade, I still need to blend the purples on it but I think it has a clean look. Once the purple is done it will look pretty sharp. So I'm leaning that way and I think I'll make the front match it. Though I do want some kind of symbol on there, I just want it to look better then the one that is currently there. So I'll be sanding the front down and going again.

So... some good progress. Though I'll probably be going back to the Battle Boards as I need to get those done. Last night I was just too tired to actually go out in the garage and stand there working on them haha

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