Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Harnessing The Sea of Souls..

 I got most of the base colors on the 1K Son Librarian with only the first start at blending. I'm going to go with the NMM for the golds so see how it looks on a smaller model but I think I should have picked something different to work on. This guy is going to have a ton of gold on him .. so I'll be doing a lot of brownish color work. I deceided to go with a purple for the inside of his cloak and other accessories which I start to blend slightly but really didn't get that far.
 All the sections that are dark brown will be gold so it will be on his arm sleeve piece, chest, legs and shoulders mostly but his staff will also have a lot of gold.
 I mainly worked on blending his armor and got that a good ways .. it still needs to be revised a bit and I'm sure how bright I want the final highlight to be yet..
 I also broke out my video camera with the hope of making a Tut Video for the staff but sadly the airbrush started to clog up and it made the process an ordeal. I'll probably soak all my brushes tips in some Simple Green tonight so they will be good to go.

I"m still thinking about what kinda of designs I want on the blade itself. Maybe some hieroglyphics/runes would look cool..

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