Monday, April 28, 2014

And walking the Path..

 The Thousand Sons Librarian is pretty much done. There is still some work on the NMM gold that needs to be done on the backpack (touching up or cleaning up lines). All the different angles and shapes are really a pain haha.. plus I haven't messed with it much so it's more of a paint it like this and hate it then paint it again ..  stop when I feel it looks decent .. the huge pain in the butt is how many colors it takes so redoing even a small section is no small affair 8\
 I think he has the correct gravitas and has that "I'm pretty BA" look 8) ..
 I had to really work the staff in there, with the BP having the warp vanes and the larger bottom of the Force Halberd it was a very tight fit. I wasn't even thinking about that when I was building it up. I started to put him together and was "oh crap" .. haha .. but it worked .. even if barely.
 I think he looks pretty solid, there are always flaws I see plus there are two spots that need to be touched up.
 I painted the back energy chamber the same purple color the halberd .. figured it would tie them together and didn't want to add in more colors.
 I repainted his right gauntlet many many times haha.. For the NMM it's all about following the shape of the thing you are painting. I tried a few different ideas but nothing seemed to look right to me so I just went with the color fade.
It's funny, he is the only 1K Son model I've ever made and he's also one of my most detailed miniatures I've painted. So .. other then a few touch ups he's all done up.

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