Friday, April 18, 2014

That's a huge b......

 I knew I was going to pick one up sooner or later so I used some of the commission to pick one of the Knights up. I don't see myself ever playing them (but never say never I suppose) but it is a very cool looking model plus I've seen a lot of really cool paint schemes popping up here and there lately. I'd like to do something unique with him so I'll have to put some deep thought into it!
 I also picked up the new Tac and Vet boxes, It's not like I really needed more marines but I wanted to see the new kit and bits. I can always use some new bits 8) .. I'll be putting together some Dusk Wolf troops soon and I'll be using some of the bits from here.
The last kit I picked up was the new Stormtroopers or Scions or whatever you want to call them.. I've always loved the look of the Stormtroopers and this kit is actually pretty awesome. They give you a lot of extra bits to really single them out. I have enough meta Stormy's to make two squads ... Maybe I'll look to make an all stormy list down the road.. who knows.. always full of ideas but never the time right .. 8) ..

Not work last night, the house was tired as a whole and it seems the family still can't shake sickness. Depending on how tonight goes I'll finish up a few things for tomorrow's League and that will probably be the extent of it.. Have a good Easter all..

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