Thursday, April 10, 2014

Through the Bog of Dead Trees..

 The other day I was playing around with some paints in the airbrush and pulled down the trees that have been sitting on the top shelf of my painting table for probably about a year now haha.. I was playing with some browns and wanted to try a few looks.. I think the trees came out looking pretty cool so far. I'll be adding some more details to the trees and base then appling some Vallejo Water Effects. I haven't used the brush on type before so want to try it out..
 I also got some more work done on the mesa battle board. It still needs some work but I will hopefully have it done by this weekend.
 The assorted collection of materials to make the board .. 8)

And this is where it sits right now, I have the basic red/orange/browns down all over but now I have to go back in with Hinult Red and do all the recesses. The main red color was Indian red and gave it that roadrunner mesa feeling I wanted. After shadowing I'll spray some yellow on the highlights and then drybrush a few lighter shades all over the board to break up the sand color some more. Then I'll go back in and add some blending oranges in .. once the paint is down it should just be down to some water effects and a little bit of flocking here and there. Thankfully these things are almost done 8)

I'll probably be posting some updated Wraithknight stuff later, I was going to post this yesterday but figured I'd leave the Forum post up to get some extended attention for it. I had to tighten up the security on it as Spammer immediately jumped on it .. amazing ..

I also moved the Blog Rolls back to the main page and will be working on their placement more ..

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