Friday, April 4, 2014

Hoist it high!

Last night I got some more work done on the Dusk Wolves commander and some of his peoples.. The commander is now 100% together and will need a little more dirtying up but he's coming along nicely. I also applied the symbols to their shoulders and distressed the commanders quite a bit.. I'll go back and touch it up a little then will apply the muck.. I still have a lot of the metallic work to finish up on these guys though..

 The Standard Bearer got his BP added on as well and is also inline for mucking 8) .. I have to finish up the banner before I can attach his other arm, it would be a pain trying to work around it !
 I painted up their bases a little though they are now just dark grey..I'll start to add the details in soon .. to the base and to the marine.

 Next is the the Tact Standard Bearer.. I had drilled a hole in his BP so the banner can be removed once used (Wolf Standard ) making it easier to remember if it had been used or not.. Got worried at first as some primer was on there but it actually made it fit a little more snug haha so winning 8)
 I also added his shoulder decoration and will need to do some clean up work. I went with an ex World Eater for him figuring the combat blade gave him that ruthless killer look. Don't know why I like that combat blade so much but I really do ..

 And here are the banners, I have the larger one and two smaller banners getting close to being done. They obviously still need work but they are coming along and it shouldn't take too much longer for these guys. The metallics need to be done on the smaller banners and the larger banner needs a good bit more..  So far it's been a mix of Airbrush and Free hand action... I'm going to write the names of battles in the center section of the large banner starting with Isstvan.. just have to figure out which battles I want to add on their ...
After I get these four done I'll probably be trying to finish out the rest of the Tactical squad for them.. They are just sitting on the shelf waiting 8)

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