Monday, April 21, 2014

Can't see to the right ..

 I finished up the Standard Bearer before the League but that was really all I finished haha..  I ended up getting busy before so not much right before the League. Either way I think he came out good and he is now sitting in the finished cabinet. I still have a lot more to got to get the Dusk Wolves up to full fighting strength.I did use them in the league to show a younger player how to .. well play. I walked him through the game the Dusk Wolves brought retribution to the Crimson Slaughter. Was nice to see them back on the table!

 I marked the banner with the third legion but had it marked out, I'm going to add that into their storyline and have been marking off names on troops and vehicles.
I'm going to build up some new guys soon, I just have to think up some cool poses.

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