Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Photo Op

 I said I was going to take a full group shot yesterday and last night I got them all together to do it.. but my allergies (I'm guessing that's what it is) were really kicking my butt and now looking at all the pics I think the layout could have been setup cool haha..  well next time I'll lay them out on a full board.. I'll also look for something cool to put behind them .. I've made some progress .. thankfully both the Land Speeder and one of the Razorbacks were pretty much 95% done so I only did some finishing on them and wrapped them up.
 I just used one of the Frozen Tundra Battleboard tiles I made and lined them all up..  Both Battleboards are being delivered tonight so I'll have my garage back!

It's going to be a pic heavy day ..
Land Speeder...

I finished it up and then forgot that I wanted to spray the light and thrusters..  so I went back to the spray table and did the lighting effects. The light was just sprayed with yellow but the thrusters required a bit more work. I sprayed them white then washed them with yellow and orange inks. When it was dry I clear coated them and went in with a darker orange/red for the deepest sections. I think it came out ok .. there is some more I think could have been done but oh well ..  haha I am pretty happy with the look after the wash though ..
The Razorback..

I had to go back in and add some more weathering powder to the stacks when I was done with the washes..  they just seemed too light to me and called for a little more soot. The main part of the tank that needed some work was the stormbolter, I painted it up with some coppers, brass and gold ..

I've been cranking along getting these guys done and I need to. May is approaching and I really want to start getting ready for Nova.

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