Monday, March 3, 2014

Ignore everything I just said ..

So, I said I need to buckle down and knock stuff out without adding in something new. I completely ignored that. I got the other 10 cultists in from eBay and put them together and used them in our Dark Heresy game. Which was a pretty fun game, they took on an Abomination and heavy duty Psyker. There were a couple of very close calls but everyone's character lived! haha.. only if barely. But back to my mess, I now have 15 cultists I'm working on and then added in a Techmarine as one of the party is playing a Tech Adept and he's using that as his model. So since I was going to spray red and had extra in my brush I also blended some Blood Angel Termies from Space Hulk.

I was playing around with the new paints I picked up. For the Reds I'm going as follows..

Primer Black
Dr Ph Martins (DPM) Indian Red
CA White
DPM Crimson Lake
VAC Scarlet Red

And I think the red blends came out looking very cool.

I'll be going back in and working the details with brush but so far I'm pretty happy. Sooooo.. I put the Termies back on the shelf for later and I'll be working to get the Cultists, Orks and Wraithknight done. The Cultists and Orks will be using in the Kill Team game I'll be running in two Saturdays as the Baddies.. So I want to have those two done by then.. I don't plan to go too detailed with them. They will be table quality and should be fine. Either way they are a cool mix up from what I normally paint..
Where the orginal 5 are now.. so at least 5 of the 15 are a good way done..
The rest of the dudes built and primed.
I've got a lot to do haha..

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