Tuesday, March 4, 2014

So much brown..

It was another night of assembly line style work, I based the rest of the Cultists and then started to base color any leather areas on the Orks and Cultists. I will usually go in lighter for leather then apply darker washes to bring the color down. After the wash is dry I'll go in with the lighter colors again and bring out some of the wear and highlights on it. There is truly a lot of models sitting on my table right now haha.. It looks and feels crazy.
It's to the point of overload. I need to get some of this stuff off my desk again .. My urge to work on stuff jumps all over so when I sit down I really have no idea what's going to get worked on next. But with all the clutter of dudes building up I'm really working toward getting all the Orks and Cultists done. I need them finished for the Kill Team game so they are higher on the list atm.

That being said I did work on the Wraithknight's Sword and cleared the Dusk Wolf Land Raider for another coating of oils. Once that's done and it dries it will be ready for the final details and then done so that actually will be a big chunk of the desk freed up. Tonight I should have a bit more done.. I might just pick a few guys and finish them up to make myself feel better 8)

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