Friday, March 28, 2014

It's cold out there..

I will be making up a winter battle board for my local gaming store so I've been testing out the look I want to go for. They requested a blue grey look (for the rocks) and I'm going to be using water effects to make the ice. In the first pic it's just paint and the water effects..
Then I added some white texture paint to the plastic border surrounding it, sprayed it with PH Ice Blue. Let that dry for a little bit then went back in with white, highlighting the stone areas and the outer snow ridge. When that was done I applied some snow flock around the rock edges and that is where it sits right now. I think it's coming along pretty nicely and has that frozen tundra look. This weekend I'll be working on the battle boards themselves..   It appears I need to get two six foot battle boards done for them but April 19th, I'll be running a 40K Escalation League and they are hoping to have these ready. One will be the Tundra above and the other will be a busted up wastleland. I'll probably be making up a tester for that as well.. When I'm done I'll have some cool looking planetscape craters done up 8)

I also finished up two of the Cultists I was working on..
 They Honestly didn't need all that much to be done. Touched up his face and chest. Added some color to the shotgun then added in the Flock.
 For the Butcher I added a good bit of red to his face mask and some to his apron. I added some red into the symbol on his face but the picture didn't pick it up all that much.
 I also mentioned a tattoo and gave him a Chaos Symbol on his left arm .. I figured that would fit.. I was thinking of putting mom on the other arm but passed haha

And added the oils to these guys ..
Now I can start cleaning them up a bit .. clear them and move forward on the details..  The Forgeworld guys still need their other arms, shoulderpads and backpacks. Thankfully I did move a few things off the table last night so I made a small dent. Just enough for me to add some more stuff onto the table haha.. oh well.

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