Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Devil and the Darkness

 I got a little more work done on the Cultists and Orks last night,. They should both be ready for Saturday night at least. I was working on the main cultist guy as he'll probably be a character I use in the Dark Heresy game I'm running as well as in Kill Teams. I was working assemble line style and needed to take a break from the boringness of painting nothing but bits and pieces so I went in detail on him a bit. I did some NMM on his gold areas and his sword. I was having fun messing around with the colors and wet blending on the sword. I was using about 6 colors to get it to where I thought looked pretty cool.
 The rest of the guys are coming along as well, they won't be as detailed by the time for the game but they will be decent.
I got the basic mud on the Orks bases.

They are all at least base colored and I'll be doing some details on them as well. Whelp got to cut it short, I'm home with the kids today they are sick as well as my wife.. my daughter was laying down but now she's up... so now that means I have to be up as well 8)

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