Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ol Reliable

 I finished up the updating work on the Deimos, I didn't really have too much more I needed to do to it. I added the yellow glow from the lights and then went in with the Mig oil and grease mix dabbing it on all of the rivets, hinges and metal areas. I'm very happy with the final outcome! I think it has the right amount of muck and really looks like it's been motoring around on many a battlefield.
 With the idea of the Dusk Wolves having formed at the beginning of the Hersey some of their equipment is going to be very very old. A car reaching 100K miles is a decent milestone but think about a tank lasting 10K years of fighting, that a serious deal haha.. Many a year has been spent adding layer and layer of dirt and dust from uncountable planets and moons.

I plan on picking up a Deimos Whirlwind down the road .. there are a bunch of models I'm looking at but I really need to focus on getting some of the stuff I have done. Not to mention I have a few other things in the works as well. . so the Deimos will join the Land Raider in the Cabinet and await it's two late model owner.
I also got the blending started on the DW guys, not much at the moment but they are moving along!

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