Friday, March 7, 2014

A step ahead..

 I sat down with the intent to just paint and finish a guy but that really never seems to work haha.. I picked up the Wraithknights head and thought maybe I'll add some of the NMM gold look on the back. I'm not sure it really goes with the look though.. maybe after the other gold parts are added in it will blend in but right now I think it really just stands out in contrast. I'll add in a few washes of dark brown and then some white for highlights but that might just wait till I have a few more sections done to see how I'm liking it. Don't want to spend more time on it if it isn't going to stay 8)

I did finish the bone blends, well enough that they are ready to glue on. They might need some shadowing once the model is together and I can see where the light is falling.
The shoulder pads and some of the guards will get some type of design on them.. I've been sitting down thinking on it and drawing up a few ideas.
I liked the S design for the main fact it looks like a road and as the Eldar have been on a long winding road it fits. But we'll see what the final ends up being haha..
I did actually work on a few guys though, I was hoping to get some of the cultists off the table..

But since I was working on the other stuff not much got done on him. Mainly just got some base coloring on him and did a little blending work on his skin. Not much, but I really only spent about 30 mins on him last night so happy with the progress . This weekend I want to get some of these guys completed and off the table.
I also finished the airbrush blend on the BP for this guy, it's funny how clean it looks before I muck it all up. I'll paint some of the metallic details then apply the muck. The DW LR is almost complete.

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