Monday, March 10, 2014

The Heaviest of Metal

This weekend I wanted to completely finish up the Dusk Wolf Land Raider and thankfully I did. haha.. I finished up his backpack and gave him the Red Right Arm of the Emperor 8) .. Then I worked on the LR a little more, I added in some spatter to the tank and most to the track throw area. I also added in some rust to the exhaust stacks which I thought needed a little more. Over all I think it came out looking good, I then picked up the other DW tanks I was working on and cleared them. They will be getting the same treatment. Now that I've added all the mud the others look way too clean so now I have to muck them up too.

This was a pretty fun project and painting up the other ones should be just as cool. Then I'll need to get some more troops done so I'll have enough homies to ride in the transports. But now I have some more room to work on my horde of goons. There's a ton of Cultists and Orks that need to be finished by this weekend.!

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