Monday, March 17, 2014

We won't stop..while one lives..

I brought out the Dusk Wolves I had started on and started fiddling with them .. Some of the poses I wasn't so hot about so thankfully I had used the crappy GW Plastic Glue and was literally just pulled them apart. Normally that would have completely annoyed me but in this case it allowed me to change them up some.

This guy's gun arm is still a little bland but I changed out the blade arm to be down and back swapping the sword for a combat knife.
This guy I mainly just glued him back together.. I'm pretty happy with his look and feel.

I added the Green Stuff on the sword to make it look like there was something holding it.
Started putting the Forgeworld Commander together. I'm going to paint the arms seperate so I can work on the cloaks and sword.
I changed this guy around a bunch and as I worked on him he seemed to have more of a Blood Angel feel so that's the route he took ..

I had extra Green Stuff left over so I played around with a one shoulder cloak.. I think it came out ok.. once I prime him and get to painting I'll see.. haha..

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