Friday, March 14, 2014

Fresh Meat

This dude totally looks like a crazy butcher to me,. he put down his cleaver for a Heavy Stubber and is ready to continue on ripping people apart. With the fam sick I didn't get much working time yesterday so didn't get as far as I would have liked but they are good enough for Kill Teams and will be out there running a muck should someone draw them as random baddies. I wanted the Butcher to have a grisly oily look and I'm happy with him, I added some caked up blood on his apron, arms, legs and face but it's pretty hard to see in the not so great picture .. now I just need to touch up the mask and gun a bit. I also think I'm going to give him a Tat of some sort on his left arm, thought that would be a cool touch and was hoping to get it done last night but no such luck haha..
 I'll probably just touch up their bases and add some flocking to make them look clean. Then I'll hit them up with some clear for protection and then they will be ready. These guys will probably be a little here and there in the future. I want to get into some more of the Dusk Wolves and I also need to start working on some Dar stuff for Nova. It's months away but that will go quick and I want to be ready for it this year!
I also did clip these guys out ..
It's the Forgeworld Mark IV Commander and Standard. I've had them for over a year, my wife got them for me for Christmas and as I mentioned in a post or so ago I want to get a DW commander done. The banner should also be pretty cool, it will require a lot of free hand so I'll need to brush up my skills some haha..

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