Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A true commander leads from the front..

 And has two arms .. 8) I'm going to paint his sword up before I attach his other arm and shoulder pad but I have him pretty close to getting the oil treatment. I will usually do most of the non white detailing on the mini and then go back in with the oils. I've been working on these four and they are getting close ..
 The Robes are looking pretty good so far and I'll add some muck but also touch them up here and there one I'm done with the oil coat.
 The banner bearer also only has the one arm for now, I'm going to paint up his banner before attaching it and that will be some serious free hand. I know what I want it to look like but it's going to be a serious bit of work for sure. I want it to look right so I'll have to take the time to get it right.
 The one shoulder Roman style cloak does look very cool.. 8)
 Next up is the beaky about to draw his combat blade. I'm pretty happy with his look and think he does show a good bit of movement which is cool.. that feeling of motion really makes a model seem alive and that's pretty awesome to me!

 He's ready for the wash and then it will be handling the minor details.
 If you couldn't tell I love me some combat blades haha.. I just think it gives them a solid feel. They are ready for whatever you come with.. raining bullets down on you or stabbing you in the eye.... love it.

The Wolves are getting fleshed out more and more .. I'm going to get these guys done and the other models that need the wash look to update them . .. I also want to right up some storyline for them but I just never seem to have the time!

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