Thursday, March 20, 2014

That's not a knife, THIS is a knife..

The Wraithknight is getting ever closer to being done. I was going to post up some small stuff yesterday but never got a chance too and it really wasn't too much anyhow.. last night I worked more on the Wraithknight bits I had started with. I've been wanting to get the arms painted and thankfully I got them mostly done.

I also added some blue OSL lighting, normally I don't do much with that but figured since I was used NMM it would also fit but I kept it very low key. I didn't want the glow to be overwhelming and end up looking overdone and crazy. I attached the sword hand and the open had to their respective arms but no paint on them yet. I also need to finish up some of the gems and other details on the arms... well on him as a whole actually haha. The gun barrels still need a lot of work..
I also worked on his torso a little bit getting the rear symbol done up and I think I'm pretty happy with that section.. it really looks like it's glowing in the picture! 8) I also mixed up a lighter purple/pink to hit the extreme highlight areas, so far I only have a little of that on the torso and arms. I'll be going back and touching up all the areas with a little more highlighting which I think really makes some of the ares pop. With this guy I wanted to test a lot of techniques and ideas and I'm pretty happy to say that I've been really satisfied with the outcome of most of the attempts. But it does take a lot more time and I've repainted sections so many time it's crazy haha.. or I am! but over all I think the trial and error has been so totally worth it though as I'm doing it I'm typically grumbling a lot .. until I'm finished and figured out something new or cool to do. That's the joy of the hobby I suppose!

The shoulders aren't attached yet as you can see by them being on in some and off in others, I'm going to paint some sort of details on them as well as the lower guards. I'll paint them up separately making it much easier to work with them. I'm still a bit unsure of the designs I want to use so I keep delaying on them but I'll need to make a final decision soon haha.. he's actually looking like something now! 8) The base also needs something more to me so I'm also trying to think of something extra to add to it as well..

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