Friday, March 21, 2014

Cruel for the sake of it..

In about a month I'll be starting a 40K Escalation League at the local gaming store and as such I'm going to most likely be making up a Dark Eldar Force. I won't actually be in the League per say, I'll be available to play but I won't be counting my totals. Since I'll be keeping track of the league points it seems like a conflict of interest so I'll just be there in case someone wants to throw down and they will still earn points as normal.

This subject also carries over to NOVA, and that leads me into a whole other portion of gaming. Last year after the Eldar Codex came out I mentioned to Sean ( that a Seer Council teamed up with the Baron would be a pretty sick Deathstar. The only thing holding me back from playing it would be that I'd have to convert a ton of Lock bikers (well not a ton but a lot haha) and get some Dark Eldar. I thought hey maybe I'll try to get it together for next year and that's what I started to do but now.. I've seen that a bunch of people are running a Seer Council and frankly I was surprised it took so long but maybe like me they weren't looking forward to the cost of the conversions or like me were hoping for new jetbike models. But I've also noticed a ton of people complaining about the Deathstar units and it's all whoa is me. In a fun non competitive game I could see it being an issue as they are very strong but in a Tournament atmosphere people are there to win and I get that. I won't be going there for that purpose,. well if I win cool but it's not like I'd be building my list for the purpose of being the champion.

The list I was building was based on the idea that everything would be moving at minimum of 12 inches.. if the unit itself couldn't it would be in a transport upping it's movement. The idea seemed very fun (not my typical Dar list) and that is what stirred me into starting down that path. But now I'm not sure if I even want to make it up and play it, a lot of people are playing a Jetseer Council now and hate hearing oh another one of those. I heard it last year just playing my Eldar, I've been playing Dar for over 20 years but people don't know that. So do I say I don't care and just play it or stick to my normal Eldar list? I still have a ways till NOVA but I'm going to start play testing some builds soon. I'm not going there to be the champion but I don't want to be a push over either haha... I'll be building the list I had in mind either way and the League will be a good way to get that going (painting up the Dark Eldar).

I've never been one for the large scale Tournament scene, I prefer the fluff and typically I make up the army I like and I could careless with what "The Internet says is Best". I don't pay attention to the "Meta" or what's the big deal right now because to me that doesn't really matter. I'll bring what I bring no matter whats big in the gaming world of 40K but sadly that seems to be going away. I would read every Codex as I like the story and fluff but it's also nice to know what you are fighting but now with Codexes, Supplements, Expansions, Dataslates, White Dwarf adds and Formations it's become a bit crazy. I usually build a list to face anything but that is getting harder and harder to do. So many crazy things are popping up that making a list to face all armies is very hard task. There have always been armies your army might not do as well with but with 6th and the crazy release schedules and the addition of Escalation it could potentially take that to a crazy level. If it's just in the game as GW keeps mentioning you'll have to get some D weapons or you will be highly out matched. So do you stock up on heavy weapons to take out that super heavy? Then you play someone with a ton of troops and whoops you really can't adjust. To me the way I see it you should be able to bring a couple of different lists to cover what you face.. if you are going to war you usually know what you will be fighting  .. maybe a sidebar? who knows.. maybe I'm just bitching ... maybe I'm just not a Tournament type player and that is why I think I have been moving more toward the hobby side of it all. Now I'm not saying I don't enjoy playing in the Tourneys and talking with people that are into it ..  that's the best part.

So after all that typing I think I answered my own questions..  I'm going to bring whatever I have the most fun with.. If I build the JetSeer list and it's a blast to play then I'll bring it. I'm looking forward to the Trios Games and talking to people I know and people I don't. Last year was a great experience even if it was exhausting haha.. Little by little I've been picking up the bits I need for the new display board and I'm about ready to start on it, that has me pretty stoked.

On another note not much done last night .. just some base blending on a bunch of Dusk Wolves..
They are all ready for details and then Mucking .. 8)

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