Monday, March 24, 2014

Another persons trash..

Is my treasure! This weekend was all about the used purchased, a local gaming store had a flee market and there was some pretty good deals there. I thankfully kept myself in check mostly though haha... I did find some goodness that I couldn't pass up. One of the guys had the old Iwo Jima Diorama that I couldn't pass up. If you haven't seen it before it's a Blood Angel, Dark Angel and Ultramarine planting a flag and I always thought it looked cool!
 I also picked up two of these guys, I think it is an OOP Black Templar Captain. Either way he looks very cool and I got them pretty cheap so it was a win win. I'll probably paint one up as BA and the other as DW though I might convert him a bit at least for one. One I will probably keep as is I just don't know if I want him to have the axe or if I want him rocking a combi.
It was also a very Dark Eldar weekend...
 I picked up three Venoms, a box of Wyches and a box of old warriors from Sean ( and that was a good start for the force. I stripped down the Venoms, I want to go at the DE stuff more as a Pirate/Corsair force then pure DE. So I didn't want to use that many skulls and spikey bits..
 I'm also going to change the location of the guns, I don't want the over the top gun. I'm looking for a good underslung location. Sean started to magnet them up so that will make it easier. I pulled off the lower fins and think that is where they will go but I haven't fully committed.

 I got a raider for real cheap so I can throw the Wyches in there if I do even do them .. or some more of the warriors.. but speaking of warriors .. holy crap.
Those old DE Warriors look so damn terrible. The heads are the worst and man are they bad. No wonder no one I knew I played them back then haha.. I'll probably just use them for bits here and there.

So now I have

3 Venoms
5 Hellions
1 Raider
10 Wyches
1 Succubus
1 Hesperax
10 Warriors (20+ if you count the other ones but YUCK! haha)

I'll be picking up the flyers and some more warriors at least. I'm going to convert at least one Hellion to be the Baron and I'm trying to collect any of the done mask heads to use for all of them. Two from the Wyches and a few from the Venom Drivers that I pried out. I'm going to paint the canopy instead of the guys inside.

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