Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spindly bits..

Last night with what time I had I wanted to get all the Wraithknight Spindly bits blended. I wrapped up the arms so I could spray the rear sections of the guns and silly putty'd the other exposed areas. Same went for the barrel of the one gun. Sadly I completely forgot to grab the other barrel but it wasn't a big deal, I only got a little way into the blends and had to stop. So I just cleaned my airbrushes, this way I can pick up and just go. They were past due for a full clean and it always makes for a better smooth blend. Bits are getting done and that's cool, soon I should be able to start adding more bits onto him. Spreading myself out just extends my timeframe haha..

On another note, I've been picking up some of these and I have mentioned them in a few posts.
Dr Ph Martin Watercolors, they are Hydrus Watercolors so they aren't thick like normal artistic watercolors and don't require thinning in the airbrush. They are also very vibrant and some provide a nice transparency. I was looking to get some watercolors for some paper painting I'd like to do and figured this would be a nice bonus. I bought a few and gave it a shot not knowing how they would perform. But let me say so far I'm very happy. The transparent paints are very thin and helps when doing very subtle blends with the airbrush. They aren't cheap so I'd recommend buying a few to test with and if you like them take the plunge.. I have so much paint now .. haha

Here's a link if you are interested.

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