Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sightless eyes telling me no lies..

More tanks rolling down that dirty assembly line. I mucked up two Rhino/Razorbacks and they are getting close to being done. This one is much closer and really only needs some of the final details highlighted. I didn't notice I had missed some of the metaillic areas so I'll go back and do the highlights then add a little more dirt. Pretty happy with so far..

 The stormbolter needs a lot of love, I totally missed that when I was painting stuff up but it's all good. I'll still be adding in some of the rust and grease mix so I'll go to town on all the metal bits getting them ready to be finished up.

The second tank is a bit farther off and will still require some weathering powders to get it to match up with the other tanks. I must have forgotten to do the exhaust stacks and deep cracks. I don'think it looks bad just needs something more. I'm thinking I'll be wrapping some chain around the front ram to get it a little more something. I also haven't touched any of the metal on it other then the base bronze color. Well the ram is done but other then that it's it. I also forgot to blend the turret at all haha.. whoops. No biggy I'll spray that up and then muck it ..

I was thinking about ordering a Forgeworld Heresy pattern something or other.. I don't know if it will be another Rhino,  a Whirlwind or a Predator. I think I'll need something else though and figure it will fit in nicely..

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