Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Muck Patrol

Since I finished up the Land Raider I now need to match up the previously painted Dusk Wolves and their vehicles. This guy was done and I was pretty happy with it until I was looking at the Land Raider and it looked practically clean. haha

Pre Mucked up
I really like the rolling dirty look and now I'm going to have to update a few of the other models. I don't mind that at all but I'm just adding more and more stuff on to the table when I was suppose to be taking stuff off of it haha.. oh well..
I'll add a little yellow for the lights to match the LR and there are a few things here and there I want to clean up but other then that the Diemos is updated. Thankfully it didn't need much as I was done before.. until I thought hey this isn't muddy enough 8)

My urge of what I'll be painting is all over the place really .. I don't mind it though, I can say I'm still motivated after a year of steady modeling and painting. I want to get in a game with my dirty crew here shortly, they haven't seen the table in awhile and I think they need some love. I have a Forgeworld commander I want to get started so they have a real leader model done. I was going to use the Emperor's Champ model but I don't think that will be what I'm looking for, I want him to stand out a bit more.
These are now ready for mucking up..

Two Razorbacks and the Hurricane Bolter Sponsons for the LR.. they are Magnetized so I want to get them done up as well.

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