Friday, February 28, 2014


Hitting a milestone today, this is my 500th post! That's a lot of stuffs, from it's slow beginning in 2011 I've tried to post something every weekday and typically have with a few breaks here and there. It's pretty crazy .. and has been a lot of models and words.. It's not a big deal I suppose, like many of us I decided I'd start posting pictures of my models and my progression over the last few years. Helps with motivation sometimes and nice to get some comments here and there plus have made a few new friends out there because of it. Some I've actually met up with like Evan from FTGT when we both went to play at the NOVA Open last year. This year we'll be going again playing in the team competition. I've talked to people from all over and that's pretty cool. I love looking at the stats and seeing where people are coming from, it's cool to think that one person sitting there painting a little plastic guy can then share with someone halfway across the world.

I was trying to think of something cool to post for the 500th but I'm kind of at a loss haha.. my head is also all stuffed up so .. I guess nothing to amazing from me today..  Last night I wasn't feeling too hot either so not a lot got done.. I worked on some Orks and some Cultists..  Dark Heresy is tomorrow night and was hoping to get the Cultists done but I've been jumping all over 8/ .. oh well.

Above is what my table is looking like currently..

I only got paint on a few of them.. in my mind it was a better idea to work on the leather for all of them and the Orks at the same time. That of course is taking longer then expected since there are so many of them ha.. But it's all good, I'll probably have some more time tonight to get more done and as long as they have some paint on them it will do..

I did the blending on the Orks, well at least their skin.. then I started messing with their cloths and that ate up some time. I wanted to see how they were looking so kept going unit I could see how the leathers will come out.

I know I've been saying I'm just going to paint whatever that I feel like but sadly I'm going to have to reign it in some. I have so many projects going on at the moment it's crazy!

Dusk Wolf Land Raider
Ravenwing guys
Infinity Chick on the bike
And the new display board (though that is more in designing stages)

But I'm going to try to focus more on getting something done before grabbing something else. Otherwise I'll have no room left on the table .. haha .. good times 8)

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