Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Like a hot knife through butter..

Last night was an annoying one but in the end a productive one. I had a pretty bad sinus headache last night and probably should have just laid down but I didn't want to just crash out. So I went in and worked on the Wraithknight sword, shield and head plate. I was determined to get these done or at least the parts I have been working on as of late.

I ended up getting some reflection in the pictures but I think the sword is looking pretty nice at the moment. I let it dry for awhile then clear coated it. Thankfully no runs this time!
The shield is almost done as well, I took this pic before I went back in and colored the runes. I noticed it as I was uploading the pictures but by they it was time to crash 8) .. I think the shield is one of my favorite sections right now. It has a marblesch look to it that I'm digging, I wanted it to look like swirling energy and I think it really does..

The next thing I worked on was the head plate, I was originally making it very ghosted in but as I was blending I liked the way it was looking with a very bright section in the middle. I played around with some designs and blending the blues back up and into the bright section. I think this also came out looking really good. Next, I plan on getting the work on the head and arms completely done. I want some part of this guy to be 100% hah ..

As I waited for the paint to dry completely I worked on the base some. I thought it needed more destroyed bits and a bit more black scarring. Sadly I think I went too far, I didn't really notice it till I sat back .. No biggy, I'm just going to blend back up and in with some browns. I'll also need to work on the scrap a little as well.. Another unfortunate happening was I had glue on my thumb and picked him up by his leg.. now I'm going to have to sand that section down and repaint..  that sucked..  haha it seems I take two steps forward on this guy only to take one back.. I'm in no rush with him though ... trying some new stuff as I go along ..

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