Monday, February 17, 2014

Full of Awesome

I ordered a new compressor last week, I really didn't need a new one but I have been look at the :

Iwata-Medea Studio Series Power Jet Pro Double Piston Air Compressor

for awhile now (I've been bugging out about it for at least 6 months waiting for the right time haha) and with some money from my tax return plus amazon rewards I picked it up. I had to move a shelf on my spray booth/stand but was so worth it. This thing is awesome.

The things that are good about it:
It's very quite. Crazy quite compared to the D500 I was using before.
It has two feeds so you can just switch brushes and go, speeding up blending. With quick releases I can switch quickly but if there is a color I plan to use a lot or need to go back and touch something up I don't have to do anything other the grab the other loaded brush.
It has an air tank, it's not huge but nice that it will auto shut off instead of going full bore as I switch colors.
It has built in brush holders.
It has duel pressure regulators so you can spray at two different pressure at the same time without switching. Also a pretty cool bonus.
It's a pretty solid build, it has some weight to it but all in all not too bad and it feels like it's made well.
Comes with hoses and they also have quick releases to the unit. So you could get a few more hoses which can then be swapped pretty quickly.

The things that are bad about:
Nothing I can tel so far. It is almost $500.00 but that really isn't too bad for what you get. This isn't an entry level compressor so the cost point is going to be a little higher.

If you are looking for a top quality compressor I highly recommend it, I haven't had it that long but so far I'm loving it. I sprayed a Sky Shield for my LGS and it went pretty quickly..

Not the best pictures but that is what it was looking like mid way through it. I added some yellow to the lights and some rust in there. I kept rust loaded and as I would add in some more metallics I'd swap brushes and add some rust and keep going. Nice for when you are feeling lucky and don't feel like switching those colors out haha..

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