Friday, February 14, 2014

Fire up the engines..

 I started working on the Dusk Wolf Land Raider the other night, I wanted to use oils on a large model to see how it would look. I still need to clean up some of the areas but so far I think it's looking pretty good. Right now it's just the original work I had performed and the Umber oils I've applied. I'll be going in with some black oils for the heavy shadows and then work on finishing up with details.
 I'll have to clear coat it again to protect this later after I clean some of the wear areas.
 Cleaned a little on this side.
For the back I went extra heavy as I figured this is where a log of mud would build up. I'm going to go back and add splatter and build up near the tread area. That would be the heaviest and I didn't want to go heavy from the get go, just build up with layers. I'll clean, clear and then build up. Then repeat.

Going to see if anyone is available tomorrow afternoon for a game to test a 1K list is prep for Nova. It's kind of short notice so hopefully I can get a game in haha...

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