Thursday, February 6, 2014

And I'd walk 500 more..

I finished up the Dusk Wolf Devs last night, added in some of the final details. Cleaned up some areas and dirtied up some others. I'm pretty happy with them but as I was finishing up I noticed a few areas I would have liked to have done different but that will be on the next batch of guys.

I put some more detail on the Sarg's Auspex and backpack.

On the LasCannon Devs I cleaned up the energy coils and chamber. I also added some more metallic detailing to the Las and BPs.

Missile Devs .. added some more metal details and some more weathering to some areas..

Not totally happy with the heavy bolter... I'll probably go back and smooth it out a little bit. It's just not blended as much as I would like.

The only non Dev..  I'm going to work on some BPs and JPs for these guys. I now have two guys without them and I really need them to make them look right. I'm going to magnet them up so I can use the old school JPs for the DWs and BAs.

Overall pretty happy with them and figured out a lot more for them as they go forward. I really changed up how I did these guys compared to the first set and now I have a very good idea of how I'm going to make these guys.

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