Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's dusty in here..

 So I picked up a pack of Cultists and ordered a lot from eBay. I've been running a Dark Heresy game and want to paint up a few villains, I also run a Kill Team Event from time to time and it can't hurt to have some more random baddies ..
 There's nothing really special about these guys but I did use them as a test for the GW Tech paint Agrellan Earth. It makes a craked up surface that worked decently well. I wanted to see how it would look and figured these guys would be a perfect test.
Make sure you apply it thick.. not crazy thick but if it's too thin it dries very quickly and the cracks are very thin if any form at all. I'd also recommend mixing the paint up with a stick, it's pretty clumpy and then shaking it vigorously. Tonight I'll probably work on them some more as the next game session is this Saturday night. They aren't going to be too special just a bunch of crazy heads looking to crack some skulls.

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