Monday, February 10, 2014

I'm dead, yet I live..

 Worked more on the Wraithknight this weekend. Started all the blends and adding in the dark purples. I also was thinking about how to handle probable looks for energy transfer on him. The main colors on him will be Purple, Blue and Bone.. so I added in some blue energy in blue. I'll add in some areas of brightness and shadow.

 Meant to work on the back plate too but sadly moved onto another piece and forgot till I moved them haha.. I still need to clear them so I can protect what's done already.

 I was trying to get the legs finished to mount to the base but I didn't get that far. I need to go back in with the brush to add some other colors (mainly metallic). I'm also debating on using some Dr. Ph Martin Ultra Blue on it. I picked up some of try after hearing some good things from some other painters and worked on the WK's head.

 It will still require some love but the misted swirls are starting to come out. I'll add in some lighter shades of blue to add some more details.

ON his arm I started playing with the Dr. Ph Martin paint some more. I started to add in some other color layers. The paint really mattes it down so it's a bit of a different scheen then the rest so it really does stand out. I think I'm going play around a bit more with it but I think it could add a lot more to the model. Originally I was just going to use it for energy glow but now blending might actually come out looking good.

He's coming along .. I'm trying not to rush him, I'm just trying to play around with some techniques on him and color choices. Also using some different paints and I've been trying a few other brushes. I'll write up a comparison of the brushes down the road for anyone that might be interested.

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