Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Power of the Dead..

Ok, so the pictures might look a little crazy. The Wraithknight looks like he's got some overly sweaty pits, and hey maybe he does hah.. But we'll get to that in a few. Last night I didn't feel like painting anything (I placed an order from Secret Weapon Miniatures and in that order are two new brushes that I desperately need. Normally I receive an order pretty quickly, but sadly not this time ... it knows I need them)  so I just worked on building and sanding. I glued the lower torso/abdomen to the hips and let that dry.

Now I can detach the torso for travel purposes and also allows a little swivel movement from him. I wanted him to be built so I could pose the arms and glue on the magnets.

It might look a little crazy but I will normally put some tissue between the magnets when I'm gluing another magnet to the model while the magnets are attached to one another. I do this for a couple of reasons;
1. I don't want the glue to seep into the gap of the magnets and glue them together. This kind of defeats the whole lets use magnets thing 8)
2. If you need to use accelerator like I did here the tissue will soak up the extra while the glue can wick it from the tissue.
3. It's easier to remove the pieces to check the bond. On a surface that is curved like this the magnet isn't going to bond flat surface to flat surface. It's mainly going to bond on the edges of the magnet and it might not be as strong. The tissue makes it easier to remove and then you can glue the edges of the magnet a little better if it looks like there could be some missing.
4. It looks crazy .. not really a reason 8)
I let the glue dry overnight to make sure the bond was good, there's no need to rush. This morning I pulled them off to take a look.
They came out looking good, now I'll add a little more glue to the edge to make sure the bond is completely secure. In the picture you see the shield and sword which I'm still in a love hate relationship with. I'm now also thinking I should paint them blue to keep everything matchy matchy. I want to get the sword completely done before I glue it onto the arm. Tonight hopefully I'll get to glue the magnets on the gun arms too, then all the magnets should be done.. though I might bore out the neck area and add them to the head to keep it in place. The other Wraithknight's head just sits there and is fine but can pop off if hit. Either way is fine though really ..

I also worked on some Orks and Infinity stuff but I'll probably just post that tomorrow. I'm adding a large scale blog roll to the blog and I'm trying to figure out the best way to do so. I added a button above and it takes you to another blog, .. It's still in progress so if you jump over there remember it's a WIP.

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