Monday, February 24, 2014

The Hand of Asuryan

This weekend past I was pretty busy but thankfully I did get some gaming in. I've been working on a 1K list for the Nova  Trios and I built about half a dozen lists I wanted to try. Friday night I setup a game with John and his Space Wolves. I then sat there trying to think about what I should bring to test..  I ended bringing this..

1000 Pts
1 Asurmen
   1 Asurmen - TL Avenger Shuriken Catapult; The Sword of Asur
15 Dire Avengers
   9 Dire Avengers - Avenger Shuriken Catapult; Plasma Grenades
         Wave Serpent - TL Scatter Lasers; Shuriken Cannon
   6 Dire Avengers - Avenger Shuriken Catapult; Plasma Grenades
         Wave Serpent - TL Scatter Lasers; Shuriken Cannon
1 Warp Hunter (IA)
   1 Warp Hunter (IA) - TL Shuriken Catapults
6 Warp Spiders
   6 Warp Spiders - Death Spinner; Warp Jump Generators
5 Windrider Jetbike Squad
   5 Windrider Jetbike Squad - TL Shuriken Catapults; Eldar Jetbike
Total Roster Cost: 999

For 1K it's pretty expensive to stick Asurmen in there but he is pretty beast. Having the D3 Warlord Traits gives him a good chance of getting the one to re roll failed armor saves of one. Pretty awesome if he's rolling on his 2+ not to mention his stat line and a pretty brutal sword.

I also wanted to try out the Warp Hunter to see if it worked for me, it's a pretty brutal tank but can I use it right.

It was a good game but by turn four I had him. I built this list hoping to be very aggressive but sadly I wasn't, for some reason its very difficult for me to be super aggressive with the Dar. One of the reasons I picked up Blood Angels back in the day, I could be aggressive with them and run the gambit. I usually look for more tactical advantages with the Dar and usually I hold back a lot more. I want to hold fire lanes and use misdirection as much as possible. I wanted to just go right in but from the beginning I hung back, I felt myself doing it but couldn't shake it haha.. I eventually forced the Warp Hunter up the field taking his Long Fangs out, the next round it took out a good bit of a Tactical Squad. The thing is killer for sure but I'm worried it won't make it up there and it needs to be close to really drop the hammer. I almost felt bad as the template erased the Space Wolves from the board. Low AP templates are devastating, at least it's a tank and not a flier. The Warp Hunter did well I'm just worried it might not survive to drop that hammer.

As for Asurmen he hardly did anything, He sat there with his DA squad moving around some in the WS then hoping out and taking a squad of bikers out. He broke from his squad and started moving forward to face the Wolf Lord as his squad took an Objective. By this time I had taken out everything but the Lord and a Squad of Tacticals. I bled the Tacs and then Asurmen went in against the Lord. Asurmen handily took care of him, the Lord falling to the skill of the ancient warrior.

Like I said it was a fun game and I got to test out two units I was wondering about. I think Asurmen will probably sit out just because of his price, he would be nice to include but I don't know if I'd get full return. The Warp Hunter is a beast and if it gets up there it's going to burn down troops in bunches which is nice..  I'm still on the fence between it and the Prism. The Prism can wreck shop from afar and I like that but it doesn't have the pure destructive power of the Warp Hunter. I'll be ordering one from FW either way, or more likely waiting till April to see if GW will indeed carry FW in the stores. Might be able to save on some shipping!

Sadly I didn't remember to take any pictures of the game I was too worried about the data from the game.

But here are some of the Orks I primed and start to coat green (can barely see it, I didn't get to far on the green haha).

Nothing too fancy, just some Boyz and Nobz I want to get painted up. Nova is still a ways off so I still have some free painting time. But I do want to figure out what I'm taking so I can start painting early and be ready this year. There was a lot of house stuff going on this weekend and thankfully I got the garage a bit tiddy'd up. . I want to start working on the new display board giving myself a bunch of time to add in details over time.. last time it was more just GET IT DONE!. 8)

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