Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It's not always black and white

 Depending on the blending I'm doing and the colors I'm using I'll start by basing in a black and then blending white in. I'll do all the hard highlights, where I know all the brightest sections will be. To me this is the easiest way to start the blend. A hard black and white blend really shows off where your highlights and shadows will be.

 Once you have all the white applied to where you want it you can move on to your colors. The Wraithknight's head above might look crazy right now but I want it to look like there is something moving behind a frosted glass. I tried it on the last Wraithknight and was pretty happy with how it came out, but last time I did it very minimally but this time I want it to stand out a bit more. It will be blue with a lighter blue and then I'll apply another very thing layer of the darker color.
 The color I used is Comm Art Violet Madder, I think it gives a very cool look. So far it's only just the white blend and the Violet Madder, just that little bit stands out and makes it look cool. Next I go in with Heavy Violet and start to shade from black into the lighter sections.
I like the look it provides and for me had been tried and true for a nice blend and finish. As you see it poking into the picture, I use Silly Putty to mask the sections as I'm spraying, it's cheap, reusable and you can model it into any shape. For the Wraithknight it's a must, it has a ton or curves and cut outs.

I think I'm going to start working on Magnetizing the WK soon, I want to get him to a place where he can be assembled fully but still be able to break him down. I want him to be in position so I can figure out all the shadows and highlights on him. He's coming along,.. the Dusk Wolves are also almost done so I want to knock them out and move on to something else. I've been looking at the Dusk Wolves Land Raider lately haha.. but I also want to get the Infinity chick on the bike done.. or some more Dar.. haha I'm only mostly crazy..

Progress right now is :
Infinity Models 85%
Dusk Wolf Devs 95%
Wraithknight 40%

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