Friday, February 7, 2014

They have to be perfect..

Last night I got more of the Wraithknight ready for paint and ready to be put together. I'm using a lot of magnets on this one so I can interchange the load out and want it to look right. The pain with magnets is it has to be perfect or it will be so wrong. I want the be able to change the arms, the guns the add on weapons and even take the body apart (mainly for travel).
For the main body I have the under part of the torso done as well as the arm joints.
This section will get glued on but the top of the body will be removable. Carrying around the other Wraithknight is a pain to be sure and I wanted to make it easier to move this guy around. I also wanted to be able to pivot his body some when I change from sword to guns.
 The arm joints aren't magnet'd yet as I want to make sure I have the body posed correctly before I glued the magnets on. I also like to let the glue dry for 24 hours, the magnets grip is silly strong and can easily pull the magnets off of one side or the other.
 Also added magnets to the gun barrels and the housing so I can swap out the WraithCannons for the SunCannon should I ever feel the need.
All three mag'd and primed.
 I also greenstuffed the right leg joint a bit. Since I pinned the leg and bent it at more of an angle there was more of a gap then I liked so GS'd it and then primed. It's getting pretty much ready for assembly and posing. Once I have that all done I can figure out all the lighting areas and get to work on the rest of the painting.

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