Monday, February 3, 2014

Legion of Boom!

 Didn't get much done this weekend, started the Dark Heresy game, went over a possible business venture and then got to watch my Seahawks beat the crap put of the Broncos! The Heresy game went pretty good but we didn't get to far since we had a lot of new players and we ran through them running some Black Market dealings to acquire some much needed gear. Was a good time though..

Watched my Hawks rampage the Broncos and there was never really a time I was worried about them losing. The Hawks have been waiting a very long time and they deserved the win,..

So .. only really finish up a few minor details on this guy and cleared him up. He's now chilling in the case. I'm going to finish up what I've been working on and then start preparing very early for Nova. Registration opened up this weekend past. I signed up for the VIP pass and the GT. So now I'll be playing the GT and the Trios. Haha.. I didn't think I'd want to play the GT again just because of how tiring it was but I had such a good time I figured what the hell lets do it..  I'll be teaming up with Evan from FtGT and his friend Ron for the Trios. And that means I'll have to make up a 1000 pt, 1850 pt, and a 2000 pt list. That's a lot haha..  I'll be rocking my Eldar but I need to look into all the Forgeworld units for the Trios and maybe even the GT if they allow use. I'm thinking the Warp Hunter will be a must for sure but I also have a Wraithseer and I'll be looking at all the Forgeworld stuffs..

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