Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I've walked 500 miles..

A little more work on the Dusk Wolves.. they are inching ever closer to being complete. Tonight I plan on getting them finished up and on the shelf. Every time I sit down with the intent to finish them up I think of something else to add. I did some extra detailing to finish up but then I thought the Las could use some energy/light glow.

They will still need some more love to the Las Energy Coils but they are coming along. I gave them a little over glow onto the areas near the purple light. As I sat there thinking about what color to go with I figured I'd give them a throw back to their former chapter. Since I count these guys as the loyal marines from the traitor legion they are former Emperor's Children and giving them a purple glow seemed right. I'm going to bright'n up the coils with a little pink and they should be good. Over all I think it added some cool detail to the minis.

I also added some names to the standing guys shoulder and then X'd out some of them to show traitors he specifically wanted dead and the ones that he took out.

 The Sarg needs  some more work on his Auspex and backpack, I'll also be working on his details a bit to clean him up.

The ML guys are a little too bright, on their weapons at least. I was going to leave the weapons clean but they stand out a little too much for me so I think I'll be adding some grime and rust.

There are just some overall looks I want to add and then the snow. Once that's done they are 8)

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