Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A relic of a bygone age..

 This weekend I picked up the Relic Board Game. I have been wanting to pick it up since I saw the demo version at Games Day two years ago and finally got around to buying it. I was hoping to have some models to post up today but last night got hectic, I then was rushing to finish up and ended up ruining a section of the new Wraithknight up haha.. never rush! So figured I'd go over the Relic game, if you have played Talisman before then you know all about it. It's mainly just a 40K version of the same game. I use to love playing Talisman back in the day and as I prefer to play 40K to Fantasy I figured this was a win win. I haven't been able to play yet but hoping to get in a game soon! I started reading the rules which there are many but most are just the small rules that make the game work.
 One of the coolest parts of the game is the busts that come with it, they are the game pieces. They are pretty awesome looking and now I want to paint them up haha.. Always another distraction ... always.
 I knew it had some sort of bust for the pieces but had never paid that much attention. When I opened them up I was pleasantly surprised, they are very nice looking and should be fun to paint.
 Before you play be ready to pop a lot of cut outs haha... there are a bunch of pieces that need to be popped out and even some bits that are assembled. Nothing serious just the life meters which are some discs that mount to another card. Everything is of pretty nice quality and looks very cool. Overall I'd say this is a pretty nice product and can't wait to get a game in. Maybe this week some time but with getting up early it makes it tough 8\
Sadly I couldn't get a game of 40K together this weekend past, I was really hoping to test out a few units. If I can't get a game of Relic in I'll still be trying to get a game of 40K in but this weekend is filling up already. I'll also be shooting for our next game of Dark Heresy in a couple of weeks and want to get some cultist models together for it. I use a grid board for combat and I'd like to have it look the part. They will also come in handy for Kill Team baddies. Which is good because I'll be running a Kill Team event in March and want to have a wider mix of baddies. I'm going to add in some cultists, Daemons and maybe some more Orks. Lots of gaming going on but I also need to focus some on 40K to start preparing for NOVA!.. I don't want to get behind on building and painting.. I don't want that crazy rush again haha..

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