Thursday, August 29, 2013

With so many light years to go..

It's the final countdown, one more day till Nova.. Sheesh.. It's weird but I'm not really even thinking about the gaming I'm so concentrated on getting my stuff done haha.. I was up to 1:30 last night and I couldn't do anymore .. I did get a lot done but you always wish you had more finished. The last light string came in last night and thankfully it worked, that would have sucked. Here is a view of the bottom of the deck.
You can see all the mount points for the wires and the controllers, which are double stick taped to the bottom. Over all it's like 40 lights and one 9' (I think) EL Wire which used a total of 8 AA batteries. It's a good bit of batteries but it's also very bright which I was hoping for when I thought of the underglow.

After the lights were attached I attached the deck and started to run the EL Wire. Most of the wire is held but the mounts under the deck but some sections I had to use some Blu Tak in the seems to hold certain areas in place. Running the line required a good bit of thought, to make it all fit I had to run it correctly and also wanted the least amount loose to be hidden. Once it was completed I had to hide the extra.
I used black duct tape to wrap over the areas that where not in the trenches and then glued foliage over them, I didn't want to apply hot glue directly on the EL Wire as I was scared it might melt the plastic covering. That would suck.. I then started to apply the moss that was growing up onto the deck, sadly it's going to be a lot more sparse then I originally had thought due to time. I also wanted to spray up two stones to attach to the vane but that is also a no go for now.

Here's the deck with the lights out..

Pretty cool,. had the whole Tron look I was going for! And here are a few pics of it at the end of the night.

It took me about two hours to complete the display board, the rest of the night was used for the Dire Avengers. I got most of the base blue blended in and went with a heavy grey wash to shadow it up quick, they took decent so far and I'll have to be ok with that..tonight is the final bit. I'll finish up the DA and then do all the base work for the minis. I was hoping to match them all up to the display board but there is no time for that now. Just some foliage and then done ..

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